Wireless Night Light With 3M Adhesive 1 Pair Built-In Rechargeable Lipo Battery

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Along with the RC Model's widespread and the improvement of the pilot's requirement,the night light is pilot pursue an important parts of self-expression,in addition to improve playability and enjoyability,night light is the best tool to improve aircraft gesture recognition degree,especially the generally low Grey recognizable painting of Scale,equipped with appropriate night light can greatly decrease the crash rate caused by the unclear posture,it is also the best safety accessories for flying in low light situation.

Item Name: Wireless night light
Color: Red + Green
Dimension: 63mm×16mm×13mm

Overall with flight aerodynamic flow line design, smooth appearance beautiful, cool and less resistance.
Doesn't need any connection line,simplify the installation process,can stick to any part of the fuselage.
Ventilation and cooling channel design, fully consider the heat dissipation problem of the high brightness lights.
Diamond light structure,maximize the night light emitting area and increase brightness.Long distance keep high brightness but yet not dazzling.
Built-in 220mA rechargeable Lipo battery,with discharge protection.
Can quickly switch flicker and normally on two display light models.
One set two colors--left red right green. 

Package Included:
1x  Red Night Light
1x Green Night Light

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