WFLY WFT07 2.4GHz 7-CH с приемником WFR07S

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WFLY WFT07 2.4GHz 7-CH Radio System Remote Control Device 


- Applications : helicopters,airplane,vehicles,boat
- Band : 2.4Ghz DSSS (spread Spectrum) + Frequency Hopping
- Output Power : ≤100mW
- Current drain : ≤190mA
-  Power : 3.7V - 6V
-  Large dot matrix LCD Resolution of 132 x 64 with 10 class contrast adjustment.

Features :

-  Adapt "FLASPEED" 2.4Ghz technology.
-  Direct high speed drive to avoid dropping signal in the process, greatly improve heli respond time.
- DSSS frequency hopping communication system, high interference immunity, max. of 60 sets of our 2.4Ghz system work at the same time.
-  Low-Voltage design, and low energy consumption, 4 X AA batteries or 1S lithium-ion battery (3.7V-6V).
- A new generation of control stick, the spring rate is just right, feeling very comfortable
- Support different types of swashplate, great for CCPM mixing.
- Fully digitalized trimmings
- Complete timer functions, including the timer starts, different throttle control or flight time warning
- Multi-model data storage.
- Save up to Four flight modes. 
-  Able to set all Four kinds of Hand Mode
-  Eleven groups of curves setup,each curve has nine points to edit.
- Graphical monitor page to check all Seven Channels.

This package includes :

- 7-Ch 2.4G WTF07 Digital Transmitter x1
- WFR07S 2.4Ghz Receivers x1
- Manual / CD-ROM x1
- WFLY Neck strap x1
- Simulator cable x1


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