Tomcat G46 5020-680kV Brushless Motor

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Tomcat G46 5020-680kV Brushless Motor - DY-TC-G-5020-KV680

Striking the ultimate balance of precision, performance, and price, Tomcat motors deliver features often reserved for much more expensive brands. Experience Tomcat's premium quality across a versatile range of equivalent motor sizes from sub-micro to 150cc!

Tomcat's renowned reliability begins with a rigorous production process. Each motor's primary components are CNC machined from solid blocks of aluminum alloy to achieve strict tolerances, instead of being cast from cheaper, imprecise molds. The stator is machine wound using premium wire and Japanese magnets that are especially resistant to high temperature conditions. Throughout these processes, inspections conducted at each station ensure consistently high quality.

All Tomcat motors include a comprehensive set of mounting hardware, tools, X-plate mount and compression collets in addition to the bolt-on propeller collet.  If you are looking for a reliable equivalent size brushless motor for your 46-size aircraft that you can trust, the Tomcat G46 is your solution.


  • CNC-machined aluminum alloy body for high-end precision and tight tolerances
  • High quality Japanese bearings for smooth, low-heat operation even at high speeds
  • N45H magnets for superior heat dissipation and degaussing resistance
  • Dynamically balanced at the factory to eliminate vibration and extend motor life
  • All necessary mounting hardware is included


  • Tomcat G46 5020-680kV Brushless Motor
  • Bolt-on propeller adapter with 8mm shaft diameter
  • Mounting hardware
  • X-plate mount
  • Compression collets


  • Please review the specification table at the bottom of this page for battery, ESC and propeller ranges and recommendations that will work best for this motor
tomcat motor Japanese bearing

All Tomcat motors are outfitted with the highest quality Japanese bearings, providing smooth operation and extending motor life.

The Tomcat motor's housing is specially designed to dissipate heat, which allows for continuous high output without over-heating.


Each Tomcat motor is dynamically balanced at the factory which means the motor will have minimal vibration and run quieter even at the highest rotation speeds. 

tomcat motor heat dissipation
tomcat motor high quality magnets

Tomcat motors use premium N45H magnets which resist degaussing, even at very high temperatures, and allow consistent, powerful torque through the entire power band.

Tomcat motors are made of high-strength aluminum alloy which is impact resistant and improves overall heat dissipation.

Each housing is cut from a single block of aluminum using robotic CNC machines for precision and tight tolerances.

tomcat motor aluminum housing
tomcat motor magnet wire

The motor magnet wire uses a special vacuum impregnation treatment process allowing it to resist heat up to 240°C. This heat-resistant design helps to prolong the service life of the motor. 

Brushless Motor Measurement Key


Motor Type


kV Rating (RPM/Volt)


Maximum Watts


Continuous Current


Maximum Burst Current

60A, 10 seconds

Recommended Battery (Input Voltage)

4S to 5S (14.8V to 18.5V)

Recommended ESC


Recommended Propeller / EDF

12x8 to 14x10

Slots, Poles

12, 14

Shaft Diameter (A)


Shaft Length (B)


Motor Length (C)


Motor Diameter (D)


Overall Length (E)



310g / 10.93oz

Connector Type


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