Tarot 280 FPV Carbon Fiber Racer Suit w/ CC3D EMAX Nano 12A ESC MT2204 Motor 5-12V Camera

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Tarot 280 FPV Carbon Fiber Racer TL280C:
Weight:141g(empty frame)
Frame height / Assembly height:90.4mm
Frame length / Assembly length: 220mm/340mm
Frame width/ Assembly width:252mm/370mm
Battery carbon fiber board:1.6mm
Antiskid stick:YES
Main material:Ultralight fiber material
Shell material:PET
Shock landing gear:Rubber cushion
Mini CC3D open source flight control TL300D2:
15 mini CC3D through machine open source flight control. 1/3 smaller in size, lighter weight, applicable to TAROT 200,250 through the machine and other small, exclusive standard antenna pedestal, shockproof double-sided stickers, standard silicone cable.
Product Specifications:
Case Size: (30 × 45 × 12mm) 6.7g
Bare board size: (39 × 17mm) 2.8g
EMAX Nano 12A ESC:
ESC input voltage: 2-4S
ESC BEC: no built-in BEC
Continuous current: 12A
Burst current (10S): 15A
Power supply: 2-4S Lipo battery
Programmable: Yes
Dimensions: 30*12.5*8mm
Weight: 7g(with Wire)
Tarot MT2204 motor:
Model:TL400H1(Silvery CW);
TL400H2(Black CCW)
Stator Diameter:22mm
Stator Height:4mm
Power Supply:3S
Propeller Install Diameter:5mm
Paddle Size:6-inch 3-Leaf Propeller
Interphase Resistance:≤4mΩ
No-load Current:0.4A-0.8A
Stator End Thickness:4.0
Stator End Quantity:12
Motor Pole Number:14
Rotate Speed:1550KV ± 5%
Motor Outer Diameter:28mm
Axis Diameter:2mm
Motor Length:39mm
Motor Weight:24.5g
Mini FPV Small ultra light HD camera 5-12V NTSC / PAL: 
Clarity: Lines 520TV (hd)
Active pixel: NTSC=720 (H) x 487 (V)
Video format: NTSC/PAL
Photosensitive chip: inch HD Color CMOS 1/4
Video output: 1.0Vp-p/75
Lowest illumination 0.008Lux (ultra low illumination)
Power consumption: 40MA 10%
Working voltage: DC5-15V 10%
Synchronization system: internal synchronization
Signal to noise ratio: greater than 50dB
Electronic shutter (N) 1/60-1/10000s, (P) 1/50-1/10000s
Working temperature: 0 ~45
Tarot 5.8G image transmission antenna group TL300K:
Transmission frequency: 5800MHZ
Transmitting antenna: Clover
Receiving antenna: Four Leaf
Gain: 2.0dBi-2.5dBi
NOTE Bobby: <1.5
Directivity: omnidirectional
Horizontal beam width: 45 °
Vertical beam width: 45 °
Polarization: circular polarization
Impedance: 50Ω
Antenna adapter: Elbow SMA internal thread hole
Oscillator Material: 98% copper
Feeder: silver-plated copper hot line
5.8G clover transmitting antenna × 1 (Φ33 × 82MM) 7.8G
5.8G clover receiving antenna × 1 (Φ33 × 82MM) 8.3G 
Package included:
1 x Tarot 280 FPV Carbon Fiber Racer TL280C
1 x Mini CC3D open source flight control TL300D2
1 x Tarot 6 inch paddle clover / couple / white TL400E1
1 x Tarot 6 inch paddle clover / couple / red TL400E2
4 x EMAX Nano 12A ESC
1 x UBEC / 3A switching power supply TL2681
2 x Tarot MT2204 positive self-locking motor / silver cap TL400H1
2 x Tarot MT2204 self-locking anti-thread motor / black hat TL400H2
1 x Tarot FPV camera 12V PAL or NTSC (chose one)
1 x Tarot 5.8G image transmission antenna group TL300K
1 x Tarot 5.8G Illustrated 600MW / FPV transceiver kit TL300N

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