SJ2D 2-AXIS FPV Brushless Gimbal For SJ4000/SJ6000

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Brand Name:SJ2D
Item Name:SJ2D 2-AXIS FPV Brushless Gimbal For SJ4000/SJ6000
Axis: 2 axis gyro
Suitable Size: 59*40*24mm
Weight of gimbal: about 180g
Operating voltage:12V DC
Material: CNC aluminum + carbon fibe
Control Range: - 120 ~ 120(Roll),   - 360 (Pitch)
High of gimbal:11cm (hanging hook not included)
For SJ2D camera:SJ4000/SJ6000

1.Simple but strong structure and light weight,
CNC aluminum + carbon fiber material as the main material,perfect fit for aerial.
2.With the accurate angle control and quick response speed,it can drastically offset the dithering phenomenon during flight time.
3. Perfect and stable shock absorption system, can aviod the shaking during the aerial flight.
4.Included AV Signal output cable,cooperate with the 5.8G Telemetry Transmitter Antenna it can do  FPV flight directly don't need any adjustment.
5.Comes with slip ring, can avoid wire wrapped head to enhance work efficiency.
6.two way to install:
A,Hanger installation suit for HMF S550 , HMF U580/U580PRO ,HMF F650/F680
HMF Y600, XA650/650PRO Tarot(Need to change Tarot hook)
B,install the camera on the gimbal directly,suit for all kinds of DIY holder and DJI Frame Wheel.

Packged included:
1 x SJ2D Brushless Gimbal (camera not included )
1 x controller
2 x motor
1 x sensor
1 x AV video cable
1 x 10mm hook
1 x fixed button

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