Shoulder mounted Bracket/Holder for FPV Displayer

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Why we need the shoulder-mounted holder?

1. It is very comfortable for users to mount the holder on your shoulder instead of on radio control. Users often bow their heads and feel dizzy if operating for a long time. Absolutely, it’s not reasonable to fix the holder on radio control.

2. Similarly, holder mounted on the tripod is also not humanistic; an extra assistant will be needed to help to move the tripod if users move, which will result in a bad effect on image view. What’s more, assistant will move tripod and adjust antenna view angle simultaneously if users have 5.8G image transmission to keep in the same direction with aircraft.


  • Designed with 2 slots, the holder makes the displayer can move at the 48-60cm range easily.
  • 360 degree movement helps to adjust the distance between displayer and users’ eyes easily.
  • High elasticity EVA stuck on the engineering-plastic arm lock bracket to make users feel comfortable when playing.
  • The bracket will well support the displayer without any worry.
  • The displayer always synchronizes with users, no matter where you move, the displayer is always in front of you.
  • Video antenna can be mounted behind the displayer and its pitching will move with users’ waist movement
  • Added with a belt to support the displayer along with the arm lock bracket
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