Scorpion IR Programmer for V2 ESC

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Scorpion IR Programmer for V2 ESC
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This is a Scorpion IR Programmer, and is intended for use with the Scorpion V2 and V3 Electronic Speed Controls. This is the original equipment IR Program Card that came with the Version 2 Scorpion Speed Controllers. If you lose your original IR Program Card, purchase an second-hand ESC that is missing the IR Program Card, or just want to have an extra in the shop, then this is the part that you need.

To see if this is the correct part for your ESC, look at the serial number that is laser engraved on the gold heatsink plate on the ESC. If it is one of the V3 ESC's then this IR Program Card will work. If the serial number has "VV2" in the middle of it, then it is a Version 2 ESC, and this is the correct part for your system. If it does not have "VV2" in the middle of the serial number, or if it has no serial number at all, then it is a V1 ESC and this is not the card for you. 

Note: To complete the Programming System for the V2 Speed Controller, you will also need the Scorpion IR Receiver Module (SCPRECEIVERIR). 

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