Подвес с камерой SHARE PSDK 102S FIVE-LENS AERIAL OBLIQUE CAMERA для перспективной съёмки (пять объективов)

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PSDK 102S five-lens aerial oblique camera, designed by SHARE UAV, is a new generation mapping camera can realize drone surveying and mapping with no GCPs used. Camera is seamless docking with DJI Matrice 300 RTK through SkyPort. Using CNC designed housing makes PSDK 102S have better heat dissipation, smaller wind resistance coefficient, stronger structure, which is more conducive to aerial survey flight. Besides, PSDK 102S also has intelligent self-test, one-key reset, intelligent heat dissipation, real-time image transmission and other functions.




- Lightweight Camera Body

The volume is only 140 x 140 x 80 mm and the weight is as light as 650 g, which effectively reduces the flight weight and improves the flying duration and operation efficiency.

- Independent POS Data

The five lenses independently collect POS data, and the POS data is accurate to 1 cm. It is compatible with DJI Terra, which can achieve survey with no GCPs used, greatly improve data accuracy, and the efficiency of internal and external operations.

- Easy Mounting

PSDK 102S is mounted to DJI Matrice 300 RTK through SkyPort which is integrated with power, RTK signal connection, data transmission, image transmission.

- Simple Operation

PSDK 102S can be easily controlled on DJI Pilot directly.



Cadastral Surveying: PSDK 102S can realize surevey with no GCPs used, and its independent POS data accurate to 1cm can meet the cadastral surveying and mapping requirements for accuracy.
Topographic Measurement: PSDK 102S has clear imaging and true color reproduction which can provide accurate topographic measurement data and apply it to the ground qualitative exploration, mineral development and river survey and other scenarios.
Planning and Design: In the planning and design of infrastructure construction in smart cities, beautiful rural construction, architecture, water conservancy, transportation, etc., PSDK 102S can provide accurate measurement and mapping data, and generate high-quality 3D models as basic data for later applications.






140 x140 x 80 mm


≤ 650 g


QTY of Lens

5 pcs

Focal Length

35 mm

Effective Pixels

24.3MP,total pixels≥120MP

Sensor Size

APS-C (23.5mm x 15.6mm)

Lens Angle

45 degree

Pixel Size

6000 x 4000

Exposure Interval

≥0.8 s


1280 GB


Power Supply


Power On / Off

Auto On / Off

Data Reading

USB3.0 Type-C

Working Environment

Operating Temperature




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