Pixhawk PX4 RGB External LED & USB Extension Module with Protective Case Full Color I2C LED Module

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770 руб.

- To extend to the exterior RGB LEDs to display, when connected to the module, built-in RGB flight control automatically turns off.
- Increase the USB port for easy links from external USB cable, without the limitation of flight control installation location.(Perfectly solved the problem that the USB cable can’t be connected to the flight controller easily, which is caused by the well-protective design of the rack.)
-The same as Pixhawk onboard identical Toshiba LED controller and Osram's high-brightness RGB LED.

Notice for use:
The interface flags 4P cable plug connected Pixhawk I2C part of the flight controller I2C port, if the I2C port is occupied, please use I2C Breakout Board; another part of USB plug connected to the flight controller of the USB port, you can complete the connection; use, on-board flight controller RGB light will automatically turn off, unplug the plug is for the use of the onboard I2C RGB again.

Warm Tips:
APM can also use this module, but you can not use a USB extension function - only recommended Pixhawk users to choose.

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