Night Camera Module for Raspberry Pi

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Compatible with all Raspberry Pi boards, this camera module has a very good imaging effect both in day and night and works well in low-light environment without infrared fill light; if you are an animal lover, it is really appropriate to use it to record the animal activities at night, especially nocturnal animals like owls, lemurs, and cats.
This module uses Sony 1 / 2.8Inch 2MP STARVIS sensor IMX327 with focal length 4mm, and supports 1080p @ 30fps video. It comes with excellent built-in ISP function, and the output format is uncompressed UYVY, YUV 422-8 bit. In addition, it is also equipped with noise reduction and anti-fog functions to ensure that the captured picture is excellent in both color fidelity and image quality.

Night Camera Module for Raspberry Pi front Night Camera Module for Raspberry Pi back side

This module adopts universal CSI interface, and connects to Raspberry Pi through cable. It also supports adjustable brightness, contrast, sharpness, and saturation, making the output image extremely clear. The camera module can be well suitable for machine vision, intelligent analysis, industrial control, face recognition, ADAS and other fields.

Night Camera Module with Raspberry Pi Night Camera Module with Raspberry Pi




  • Sensor: Sony IMX327LQR-C STARVIS
  • Pixels: 2.07m pixels
  • Resolution: 1920x1080
  • Image Size: Diagonal 6.46mm (Type 1/2.8)
  • Unit Cell Size: 2.9um(H)*2.9um(V)
  • SNR1s Value: 0.23lx/0.18lx
  • Frame Rate: 1080 p@25/1080 p@30 fps
  • Exposure: Auto or Manual
  • White Balance: Auto or Manual
  • Shutter: 1/25(1/30)s to 1/50,000s
  • Support Slow Shutter
  • Denoising: 2D/3D noise reduction
  • Image Setting: Brightness, Contrast, Sharpness, Saturation, Flip, Mirror
  • Image Enhancement: BLC, DOL-WDR, Defog
  • Day/Night Switch: Manual or IR-CUT filter with external trigger
  • Lens: Support M12*0.5 or M16*0.5 depend on lens mount
  • Lens Mount: MTV12 or MTV16
  • Mounting Hole: 2 screw holes with diameter of 2.2mm Centre distance of 20mm
  • PCB Connector: BTB050040-F1D
  • Communication Interface: IIC, 3.3VDC
  • Video Data Interface: MIPI: 2Lane, CSI2 YUV 422-8bit Data Type, Bandwidth: 1.188Gbps
  • IR-CUT Control: IR-CUT motor control, 3.3VDC
  • Day/Night External Trigger: compatible with 3.3VDC to 12 VDC
  • Operating Conditions: -10℃-50℃, Humidity 95% or less, non-condensing
  • Power Supply: 3.3VDC
  • Power Consumption: 3.3VDC, 1.2W
  • Dimension: 38*38*8mm/1.50*1.50*0.31”(not include lens and IR-CUT)




  • Night Camera Module for Raspberry Pi x1
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