M52 Ultra-long distance wireless transmission system

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Industry drone market is developing very fast in recent years. The fight time and distance of drones are getting longer and longer. M52, a long-range wireless transmission system, is designed for VTOL fixed wing and other long-range drones. The system can transmit video, fight control data, gimbal control data, and RC data simultaneously. With the advantage of high level intergration and powerful function, M52 is a typical good product to meet long-range transmission requirements.

M52 can transmit HD video, fight control data, RC data, and gimbal control data simultaneously. And the transmission distance is up to 34 kilometers.

It benefits from advanced wireless channel coding technology and channel control technology, the wireless transmission distance of M52 can reaches 34 kilometers.As a result of use of the efficient data processing algorithms,M52 can transmit four-way independent fight control data, RC data, and gimbal control data simultaneously,it help industry UAV to achieve ultra-long distance real-time cruise detection,mapping,exploration,patrol and so on.

There are three ethernet ports in M52. Users can connect it to ethernet gimbal and other payload simultaneously. If you want to connect HDMI/SDI/AV port payload, we have MF05、MF08 to meet your needs*1 . You only need one single switching cable to connect M52 and MF05. And the switching cable is in the accessory box.There are two UART port——UART1 and UART2. Two protocols, Mavlink and Transparent, are supported. Users can make changes easily through Maestro Assitant or Webpage. There are two SBUS——SBUS_IN and SBUS_OUT for RC data transmission.

M52 have a powerful data and video process platform*2, and the SDK API provided by M52 can be used by user for secondary development to meet the individual needs.Through the SDK API, M52's radio parametes such as RSSI,frequency,bandwidth,transmit power and that like can be checked and set by user.M52's SDK system support the parsing of the Mavlink protocol,so customers can easily get the flight parameters such as flight altitude,flight distance,GPS,battery level and overlay them on the video.We have deep cooperation with the mainstream payload manufacturers in the industry and M52 has built-in the PTZ control protocol of these manufacturers,so users can easily through M52's SDK API to achieve PTZ control,shouting,cast and so on.M52's SDK API is used to communicate over the network,it is very convenient for users to use.

The maxium transmission distance of M52 can reach 34km*3,allowing the drones to explore a wider space during operation and improve operation efficiency.

M52 have two bands 800MHz and 1.4GHz for customers to choose from, it has a strong anti-interference performance through adopts advanced channel coding technology and dual channel filter design.As a result of the use of my company's power amplifier invention patent technology(Number:CN1077077207A) and excellent circuit design and industrial cooling design,M52 have the advantages of high efficiency and low heat output,it can meet the needs of extreme industry applications.

We have a series of matching products to go with M52 and no additional configuration is required.Codec series MF05/MF08 can meet you diverse interfaces and ultra-low latency needs.You can stream video and data from the drone operation site to the internet and get rid of distance by 4G video transmission.You can get more stable transmission through tracking antenna, to maximize M52 's transnission performance.More surprises is looking forward to your exploration.

*1 You can learn more information from encoder/decoder product webpage or user manual for how to use M52 with MF05 or MF08.
*2 M52 need use MF05D together for HD video decode and HDMI output.
*3 Test under LOS and no interference conditions.

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