KST high torque servo UAV 158KG X50-12-150

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67 100 руб.

X30 120KG стоит 39000 рублей

X50 158KG стоит 61000 рублей

Brand : KST
Color Classification : KST UAV servo
Technical parameters : x30 120kg X50 158KG

Brand KST
Color Category KST UAV servo
Technical parameters x30 120kg X50 158KG

KST UAV oversized steering kilograms , welcome UAV units procurement , invoicing

KST X30 steering gear in UAVs above 110kg video : v.youku.com/v_show/id_XODU5MzE4NjQw.html

X50 grade real photos


The latest version of the full cost beyond KST X50-12-150 CNC machining metal alloy tooth 158kg large torque drone, industrial brushless digital servo , a wide range of structural and thermal performance improve the power steering in a variety of environments under able to provide what you need to protect the work output .

Reasons KST servos : Whenever damage , why damage are maintenance-free ! Consumers pay the return courier fee and the cost of replacement parts .

[ Product parameters and specifications]
Operating voltage : DC8.4V-12V
Ultimate Torque :

100Kg.cm8.4V 158Kg.cm12V
0.16sec / 60 ° 8.4V
0.13sec / 60 ° 12V
Weight : 550g
Work signal : 1520us / 333Hz
Motor type: brushless motor
Limit current:< 10.5a="" at="">



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