LED Glare Power Distribution Board Pitch Power Supply Hub

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This is a power distribution hub specially designed for multi-rotor speed controller connection.

It makes the wiring of your multi-rotor system neater, nicer, securer.

- With LED lights.
- 2 sets welding points for main power supply

Suit for multicopters up to 800mm in rotor spacing and working current no higher than 100A.

Installation method:

  • Weld the power input wires of ESCs to the hub, suggested inner circle for "+", and outter circle for "-".
  • Isolate the hub with tape or shrinking tube, or use double side tape to fix it to the main frame of your multi-rotor aircraft.

J&K Universal 12-way 100A Multi-rotor Power Distribution Hub W/ LEDs

  • Max ESC number: 12
  • Outer diameter: 77mm
  • Inner diameter: 40mm
  • Weight: 13g

Max voltage supported: 6S (the voltage regulating chips for LEDs will be burned when exceeding 6S for power input)

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