HSD Silver Viper Jet 75mm RC EDF 4S 6S PNP

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HSD continues to push the limits with the release of this 75mm Viper Jet! By harmoniously combining the concept of affordability and top-notch performance, the 75mm Viper is taking the industry by storm. Assemble this model in just a few steps without the mess of glue, and zoom through the skies with the powerful 22.2V 6S* (best value) system or the 14.8V 4S* system. With a sturdy fixed-landing gear configuration, this model is made for the punishment of rough landings by jet pilots in training. In addition to an efficient airframe, the entire model is layered with primer and gloss to provide an excellent and fortified finish. Basic aerobatics, vertical performance and speed is all handled by the 6S variant without breaking character. With quality and simplicity at its finest, take to the skies with this high-speed 75mm Viper Jet and conquer your dreams!

Item:Silver Viper RC Jet Plane PNP
Wingspan : 1100mm (43.3in)
Length : 969mm (38.1in)

Ducted Fan: 75mm Ducted Fan , 8 Blade
Motor :2600KV brushless outrunner motor (4S version)
2000KV brushless outrunner motor (6S version)
ESC : HobbyWing 60A Brushless ESC
Servo: 6 x 9g Servo

Landing Gear: Fixed Landing Gear with Nose Gear Steering (Include)
PNP:Plug N Play, requires Radio System, Battery and Charger
Flying Weight: Approx. 1250g (44.1 oz) 4S / 1450g (51.1 oz) 6S

4 operable channels (aileron, elevator, throttle, rudder)
Available in 4S standard / 6S professional version for extreme performance
Top-of-the-line design and quality
Glossed/Primered airframe for superior vibrant finish and fortification
8-bladed performance EDF for turbine-like sound
Super Simple and easy to assemble (Only needed few screws and less than 30 minutes)
Sturdy landing gears with option to remove
Use of winglet technology to promote stability by reducing drag and turbulence
Spacious battery compartment that provides great accessibility
Use of an aerodynamically efficient airframe for exceptional flying results
Constructed with EPO flex foam
Detachable main wings for ease of transportation
Steerable nose wheel

Package Included:
1 x HSD Silver Viper RC Jet PNP

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