Heng Long 3838-1 Snow Leopard 1:16(Have with smoke function)

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Heng Long 3838-1 Snow Leopard 1:16(Have with smoke function)
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  • Brand NEW, In Original Package

  • 1/16 Battery Operated R/C Battle Tank

  • Full Set Body Coated with Army Green Paint

  • Features Smoke and Sound Effects

  • Smoke: Built-in Smoke Generator

  • Sound: Simulative Engine and Cannon Sound 

  • Adjustable Sound Effects

  • Max Firing Range of 25 meter

  • Equipped with Motor Airsoft Gun

  • 320 degrees Turret Rotation  

  • Main Cannon can be moved up and down

  • 2-Level Forward Speed Control

  • Movements: Forward, Backward and Spin

  • Equipped with High Gripping Caterpillar

  • 3 Frequencies 9 Band Changeable

  • Tank Fighting Possible - More than one tank can be run at the same time

  • Running Time as long as 60 minutes

  • Holds up to 40 BB bullets

  • Top Speed: 12-15mph

  • Dimensions: 18"L x 9"W x 8"H


  • Battery Operated R/C Tank

  • Radio Transmitter

  • Rechargeable 7.2V Battery Pack (For Tank)

  • Home AC Charger

  • A Bag of 6mm Battle Bullet

  • Instructions Manual

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