GV8000 V2 3 Axis Gyro Flybarless System 5.3.4pro For RC Helicopter

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Debugging experience: GV8000 can match MIDADO5.3.4 software for advanced settings, more spin compensation learning function and pitch down compensation designed to perfectly reflect the precision of flying. Debugging is very simple and easy, just follow the steps, carried out step by step down to finish testing, enjoy unlimited flight. And support for satellite and S-BUS, the use of more economical, convenient, more beautiful and simple wiring.

Flying experience: GV8000 flybarless system uses a separate three gyro sensor design, flight feel more better than two axes + 1 axis gyro mixing, more delicate, flying soft touch, spin emergency brake deceleration can advance, parked directly to the location you want to stop, the swashplate from pulling the rudder can make your love models spins at same level as a bowl of water, it will not slant more than a dozen laps. Whether you want your love models to do any maneuvers, Only fly, you can really feel the world's top level.











  • Size: 30 x 38 x 13mm
  • Weight : about 12g
  • Usage:For RC Helicopter(Four or more channels)
  • 5.3.4PRO latest software version
  • Support satellite
  • Supporting 3Pcs servo cable
  • You can set it via computer or with Android phones via bluetooth

New Version GV8000 V2 3 Axis Gyro,Tantalum capacitors has been improved, with the "M" brand are used in Japan's NEC brand capacitors, power supply are more stable.


  • Letter V sticker shiny, black PCS board;
  • High transparency,high toughness,high hardness Case;
  • Four genuine 3M adhesive, two thicknesses for different models;
  • High brightness LED display lights in bright light can clearly show the working status;
  • International standards with Apple same material, matt black PC board;
  • High-quality data connections.


If GV8000 configured on your 450 rc helicopter, and happen to be some kinds of imitation servos MKS DS95-type steering gear
(Metal Gear Coreless Digital Servo), please send your goods GV8000 receiver configuration standalone BEC power supply system to avoid due to the steering gear power grab led to the crashes caused by insufficient power supply.

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