GILES 202 (140) Ver. II 1800 mm CMP063 ARF

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GILES 202 (140) Ver. II 1800 mm CMP063

Semi acrobatic special for 12 to 15 cc two-stroke or four-stroke 15-20ccm. Hull design and airfoil wing with symmetrical profile, controlled ailerons, rudder, elevator.

Semi aerobatic plane lightweight balsa conventional construction for the drive motors 20 to 30 cc. The wing profile is symmetrical two-piece pushing the side of the dural tube coupling with ailerons 2 servos controlled independently. The hull is fiberglass construction with the engine cover, the chassis is a composite two-wheeled legs with a steerable spur. The horizontal tail surface for easier transport-part, half are pushed to the aluminum pipe connectors.

Kit contains polyester film covered wings, fuselage and tail surfaces, engine mounts, fiberglass hood, a complete set of small accessories, composite chassis , spur dimensional canopy, wheels, fiberglass wheel covers, acrobatic fuel tank, sheet of stickers and detailed image guidance.
Size [mm] 1800
Length [mm] 1820
Weight [g] 4650 - 4750
Wing Area [dm ] 62
Recommended tank volume [ml] 500
Remote function S, V (2), C (2)
construction intensity S2, S3
Difficulty piloting P3
Recommended drive and RC equipment: 
Motor Propeller Serva RC
MVVS 26IFS APC, MA, DV 16x10 ' 4xHS-645MG 
1xHS-985MG (S) 
1x HS-422 (M)
min. 6-to the mix for 2 elevator servos
ASP 120AR APC, MA, DV 15x8 '
ASP FS-180AR APC, MA, DV 16x10 '
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