flysky FS-TH9X-B Upgrade 2.4G 9CH Transmitter & R9B Receiver with LCD

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flysky Upgrade FS-TH9X-B Remote Control

2.4G 9CH Transmitter & R9B Receiver with LCD

for DIY drones




  • (1) The number of channels: nine channels;
  • (2) Suitable models: helicopter, airplane (ACRO), gliders, multirotor
  • (3) transmit power: about 20db;
  • (4) High Frequency Modulation: GFSK;
  • (5) coding: PPM / PCM;
  • (6) Data resolution: 1024;
  • (7) LCD Type: 128 * 64 dot;
  • (8) Low voltage warning: Yes;
  • (9) Simulator Interface: Yes;
  • (10) Power Interface: Yes;
  • (11) Power supply: 12 V DC power supply (1.5AAA * 8);
  • (12) Weight: 680 grams;
  • (13) Antenna length: 26mm;
  • (14) Size: 190 * 80 * 240mm;
  • (15) Color: Black;
  • (16) Certification: CE FCC;
Basic parameters:
  • Product Name: PCM1024
  • Product Number: FS-TH9X
  • The number of channels: nine channels
  • Suitable models: helicopters, airplanes, gliders
  • Manipulate the way: the left hand throttle
  • High Frequency Modulation: FM
  • Carrier frequency: 35MHZ 40MHZ 72MHZ
  • Encoding: pulse phase encoding & pulse digital coding
  • Antenna length: 115CM
  • Power supply: 12 volt DC power supply
  • Transmitting power: about 0.8 watts
  • Weight: 680 g
  • Dimension: 192.20 * 86.73 * 217.35MM
One. Product Description:
This product is used in the address code plus automatic frequency mode 2.4G model products, the use of digital transmission mode, which can effectively prevent outside interference active and passive.
1.FS-TH9X (emission control)
2.FS-TM002 (2.4G Transmitter Module)
3.FS-R9B (receiver)
Note: The above components at the factory to pair, you do not need to pair again.
Second, the pair (of the code)
1. 2.4G transmission module into the launch controller, and replace the battery. Open the transmitter will transmitter encoding format to PPM, and then close the transmitter
2. The pair cable into the receiver\'s BIND Interface
3. Insert receiver battery into the receiver of BAT interfaces, then you can see the receiver has two LED flashes, which indicates the receiver enters pairing status
4. Hold down the button on the transmitter module, and open at the beginning of the transmitter power. (Note: Do not release the button)
5. Observe the two LED on the receiver, if the LED lights constant light indicates successful pairing. (Note: This procedure is about 10S)
6. Release the keys transmission module on the dial on the receiver to pair line.
7. Connect server test
8. If the test is NG, then repeat the operation a few. ,
9. If the test is OK, the pairing is complete
Note: The above is only suitable for pairing FLY SKY 2.4G products
Third, use:
1. Each member connected
2. Turn the transmitter power switch
3. Connecting to the receiver.
The receiver LED constant light
5. Use
1. Turn off the receiver power
2. Turn off the transmitter power


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