Feiyu Tech FY-41AP-M Autopilot System For Multirotor Integrate With OSD Module

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Brief Introduction

FY-41AP is an inertial attitude measurement instrument used for FPV flight on fixed-wing aircrafts and multi-rotors aircrafts. It has an integrated OSD video overlay system that presents critical flight information such as power management, airspeed, altitude, and flight direction via its electronic compass, allowing for a clear visual flight while ensuring key information is within sight.

Flight stabilization is achieved via an integrated 3 axis gyro, 3 axis accelerometer, 3 axis magnetometer and a barometric pressure sensor. This enables the module to accurately measure flight attitude, earth azimuth & relative altitude to achieve:

Function Introduction

● Attitude Stabilized Mode —— FY-41AP-M can auto stabilize the aircraft flight attitude in this mode, pitch and roll stick center position for 0 °attitude,its endpoint is 35 ° . Yaw stick in the center position will lock current course , its endpoint corresponding maximum rotation rate 135 ° per second, Throttle stick direct control aircraft climb and decline, climbing and declining rate is directly related to the throttle.

● Hovering Mode —— In this Mode, without GPS location, auto locks the altitude, in maximum means climb rate is 3 m/s, in minimum means decline rate is 1.5 m/s.The GPS Module must be connected .When the GPS is connected and at least 5 GPS satellites detected,when Pitch, roll sticks released will lock the new position.

● Auto Return To Home Mode —— The GPS Module must be connected to the DoS with at least 5 GPS satellites detected.In this Mode,will auto return to home points and auto landing.

● Camera Gimbal Stabilization —— FY-41AP multi-rotor firmware,when is used to control the aircraft under 6 axis, can simultaneously control two axis Camera Gimbal Stabilization.

> Related download for multi-rotors :

>> FY-41AP firmware for multi-rotors V2.3.1 Beta :  Download

>> FY-41AP firmware for multi-rotors V2.30 : Download    |  More information of this firmware

>> FY module firmware upgrade software and manual :Download

>> The latest FY-DOS&41AP-SETTING software V1.2 for multi-rotors :Downlad

>> FY-41AP Manual For Multi-rotor :   Download

OSD Video Overlay System Function

● First Person View (FPV) —— FY-41AP has an integrated OSD video overlay system that presents critical flight information on the video for easy enjoy FPV, at the same time, Auto stable, Fixed altitude & Heading lock, Waypoint Navigation , Auto Return To Home function will make FPV operation more easy.

●OSD is an essential part for FPV. The FY-41AP can adapt both PAL and NTSC video signals. The entire adaptive process is completed approximately within 1 second.

●Integrated OSD Video Overlay System, FY-41AP overlays flight telemetry information onto video image. Information displayed includes: Altitude, Speed, Direction, Home Direction and many more.


FY-41AP OSD display part firmware V1.22a : Download

FY module firmware upgrade software and manual : Download quickly  |  Download


  • FY-41AP module
  • Weight: 34g   Size:5.9*1.5*3.9cm
  • FY-GPS module
  • Weight:24g  Size:32mm * 32mm * 13.5mm
  • Power manager:stable +12V

Package Included:

  • 1 x FY-41AP Module 
  • 1 x FYGPS Module (10HZ-5V)
  • 1 x Current Sensor & Power Manager
  • 1 x Shock Mount
  • 1 x Related Wirings
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