Dynam DY8962 Smart Trainer 1500mm(PNP, w/o Tx, Rx, battery and Charger)

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The Dynam Smart trainer was designed from the ground up with the intention of creating a plane with forgiving flight manners while providing a pilot with prominent trainer airborne characteristics. Dynam focused on a design following the principle of form following function and the end result is a funky good looking plane. The entire plane is constructed from EPO foam for durability and light weight. A semi symmetrical fuselage inspired from pattern ships make this plane agile and responsive. Semi symmetrical wings with anti stall aids designed into the wing tips inspire confidence when performing slow maneuvers. This plane is a real pleasure to fly with its delightful and forgiving traits.The tricycle undercarriage and steering nose wheel make taxing and landing merciful and enjoyable. An ample sized battery compartment will easily accommodate a wide range of 4S batteries providing greater flexibility and flight duration. Mini sized 17gram servos delegate the control surfaces with authority. For its stretched wing span of almost 60" and a 51" fuselage length, the plane is surprisingly lightweight for its size. The powerful Detrum 600Kv Brushless Outrunner motor provides enough power to do vertical climbs and bail you out of a sketchy or failed maneuver. If you should want to stand out from the crowd and truly progress and hone your flying skills the Dynam Smart Trainer is definitely the ticket.This almost ready to fly Dynam Smart Trainer comes with the essential electronics installed. The motor, esc, and servos are pre-installed from the factory. A minimum 4 channel radio system is required for flight. A 4 cell battery and Li-Po charger is required to power the plane. Minimum assembly of the plane is also required along with trim and control surface adjustments to ready the plane for flight.

Channel 4 Channels
Brand Dynam
Remote Control 4 Channel
Wingspan 1500mm(59.06in)
Wing Load 54.5g/d㎡
Motor BM3720A-KV600 Brushless
Servo 17g - 4pcs, 9g - 1pc
Flying Weight 1800g (63.6oz)
Overall Length 1300mm(51.2in)
Weight 4,000.00g

Package Include:

  • 1x Airplane
  • 1x BM3720A-KV600 Brushless motor
  • 1X 17g - 4pcs, 9g - 1pc servo
  • 1x 40A ESC
  • 1x English Manual
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