Dynam 5A 50W LCD DC battery charger

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Operating voltage DC 11~18 volts

Nicad/Nimh 1~15 cells

Li-Ion / Li-Poly / Li-Fe 1~6 series

Charge current 0.1 to 5.0A

PB/Lead Acid 2V to 20V

Cell Balancer Up to 6S (series) Li-Poly

Battery Memory Up to 5 Battery Storage

No of Cycles Upt to 5 Cycles

Weight 1000g

Dimension 160x120x10 mm

Battery temperature cut-off 20 to 80C or OFF

Maximum charging capacity limit for safety 10 to 9990mAh or OFF

Timer Limit 10 to 720 Min or OFF

Key beep and buzzer sound ON/OFF

Input power low alert 10 to 11V

Nicad & Nimh Delta Peak Sensitivity Setting Range 1 to 20 mV

Wait Time between Charge / Discharge 1 to 60 Minutes




Charge leads for Receiver batteries

Charge leads for Receiver batteries JST plug

Glow stick

Deans connector

Crocodile Universal clip

JST XH Balance Board



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