XINLIN SHIYE CL001 Wifi control rover tank rc tank with camera

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Item. No.: CL001 
Product name: APP-Controlled Wireless Spy Rover Tank with Camera and Lights 
Product color: white/black 
Product size: 26.5*21.5*21cm 
Product package: color box 
Box size: 39*15.5*28cm 
Carton size: 48.5*41*58cm 
QTY/CTN: 6pcs 
Battery for tank: 6*AA batteries 
Operating time: about 2.5hours 
Remote controlled distance: 30-60meters 
G.W/N.W: 9.0/7.4kg 

With it being App controlled, you can control it right from your iPad, iPod or iPhone. The wireless Spy Tank is powered by 6*AA batteries, and can work up to 150 minutes. Of course, the Spy Tank just carries out missions on the land. It can move forward/backward, turn left/right. Buy one and enjoy the endless pleasure with your family. 

1. Free software: just download the monicar application from App store, the ios device of App will become one remote controller immediately. 
2. Strong running action: the transmission part is the caterpillar wheel, you can control the tank to go straight forward, turning, rotation 360 degree; you can also control the tank to climb across the simple barrier as well. 
3. Monitoring function: 300,000 pixel camera is loaded in the front end of the tank, which can transmit the real-time video to ios device. 
4. Light control: the front / rear light of the tank can be switched on or switched off. 
5. Video function: this tank can shoot real-time video, the video can be preserved inside the album of this program and the album of the ios device as well. 
6. Night-vision function: there are infrared night-vision lens loaded beside the camera, it helps you see clear the surrounding condition under the weak light. 
7.Capture the picture: iphone / ipad / ipod touch can be used not only for watching the real-time video but also preserving the picture. 
8. Monitoring function: there is MIC on the front end of the tank, which can transmit the sound of surrounding area to the ios device. 
9.Preset route: ios device can record the running route, the tank can move automatically as per the route preset beforehand. 
10.Super far distance: there is one wifi antenna equipped in this tank, the control distance indoor can reach 30 meters, the maximum control distance outdoor can reach 60 meters. 
11.Gravity control: besides control it by pressing the key, you can also conduct direction control by adjusting the built-in gyro inside of the ios device. 

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