APM Pixhawk Wireless Wifi Module Replacement of 3DR Radio Telemetry

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This module is a newest product, a great replacement of 3DR Radio Telemetry Kit , transmitting and receiving can work at the same time once you connect this with your phone, WIFI data transmission , after you installed ground station,the phone begin to search WIFI, for more, there is no need to worry about 433 and 915.
This will come with PIX head, you can change it by yourself.
Antenna Standard:  IEEE 802.11n.IEEE 802.11g.IEEE 802.11b
Number of channels:  1-14
Frequency Range:  2.4-2.4835 G
Transmission power:  14-18 DBM
Interface:  Serial ports,GPIO
Antenna Type: External antenna
Transmission distance: 300-800 m (Depends on the environmental conditions
Transmission rate: 57600bps
TCP connection:  4(Max)
Working temperature:  -20-70
Humidity: 10% -90% RH (non-condensing)
Storage temperature: -40-80
Storage humidity:  5% -90% RH (non-condensing)
Bandwidths optional: 20MHz, 40MHz, automatic
Wireless transmission rate: 
11n: Max to 150Mbps
11g: Max to 54Mbps
11b: Max to 11Mbps

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