6STAR Hobby Brushless Smoke Pump with Brushless ESC for RC Airplane

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Brand:6Star Hobby
Item:Pump with ESC
Max flow: 1.2L/min (actually tested)
Gears material: Precise copper material
Smoke pump case: CNC processed 6061, anodized
Oil seals: two Buna-N rubber high speed oil seals which made in Japan, resistant to gasoline corrosion, making sure the pump works stable, anti-wear and long life
Brushless motor/ESC supply smooth transmission and avoid the possibility of spark. Make sure the pump works safely
Usage:For RC Airplanes, Aircrafts

Recommended Parts:
Battery:  7.2V 6 cell NiMH, 7.4V 2S Li-Po, 6.6V 2 cell A123
Fuel tank:  500-600cc

Pump should not be idled continuously for a long time; otherwise the gear and sealing parts will wear out.
The fuel pipe must be connected to fuel tank firstly, and then power on the pump to work.

Package Included:
1 x 6STAR Hobby Brushless Smoke Pump with Brushless ESC

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