3S 4S 6S LiPo Battery Warm Bag EVA 25x20 25x25 30x25 30x30 35x30 38x35cm Optional

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Of all the environmental factors, the temperature on the maximum performance of the battery charge and discharge, the electrode / electrolyte interface electrochemical reaction with ambient temperature, the electrode / electrolyte interface is considered the heart of the battery. If the temperature drops, the electrode response rate also decreases, assuming the battery voltage is kept constant, the discharge current decreases, the battery power output will fall. If the temperature rise on the opposite, i.e., will increase the output power of the battery,temperature also affects the transfer rate of electrolyte, temperature rise is speeding up, the transfer temperature drop, slow transfer, battery charging and discharging performance would also be affected.

Use this product can make lipo batteries to enhance the overall performance nearly doubled, close to the standard normal summer temperatures, not only extend the life time, and the crystal structure of lipo batteries also have a great protection,it is a must have winter equipment.

Item Name: Lipo battery warm bag
Material: EVA
Thickness: 5mm
Usage: Suitable for 3s,4s,6s lipo battery

Size Optional(A-F):
A: 25*20cm,suitable for lipo battery capacity less than 3S 5200mAH  
B: 25*25cm,suitable for lipo battery capacity less than 4S 5200mAh 
C: 30*25cm,suitable for lipo battery capacity between 4S 5200-8000mAh
D: 30*30cm,suitable for lipo battery capacity less than 6S 5200mAh
E: 35*30cm,suitable for lipo battery capacity between 6S 5200-12000mAh
F: 38*35cm,suitable for lipo battery capacity between 6S 12000-22000mAh

Note: This item is a cloth,not a finished product,you will need to DIY,please Click Here to view the manual.

Package Included:
1x Warm bag

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