2-4s Li-Polymer Battery Low Voltage Buzzer & Lost Model Buzzer

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2-4s Lipo Battery Low Voltage Buzzer Alarm


  • The Alarm sounds and red lights to warn you when the battery voltage is too low. It can prevent your lipo battery damaged due to low voltage.Good for 2 Cells 7.4V and 3 Cells 11.1V Lipo Batteries. 
  • This Lipo Battery Alarm is only good for 2 Cells 7.4V and 3 Cells 11.1V Lipo Batteries.
  • Required the balance charger plug in the battery
  • Each LiPo has a Minimun discharged voltage of 3.0V before damage occurs
  • Each LiPo cell = 3.7V (nominal) no matter how many cells are in parallell.
  • Each LiPo cell has a Minimun charged voltage of 4.25V before damage, and Risk Of Fire occurs
  • Weight: about 4 g /cell
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