XXD H2218 KV4380 Outrunner Brushless Motor

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PangXie series HD2218 straight version of the motor Dimensions 3.17-27.3 * 37, weight: 69 grams. Power :430-480W. Native 5P fan, oversized 3-bearing structure, high-precision quality since the pull mode silicon steel, effectively improve the dynamic balance of performance and cooling effect of the motor. Applies to the 400,450 level electric straight.
40A. 3S Align 450 with 13-14T teeth, 4S with 11-12T teeth.

  • HD2218-5, 4380KV, Io = 3.8A/10V, voltage :6-12V, efficiency 83%, the maximum output power of approximately: 480W, maximum operating current of approximately: 46A. 3S Align 450 with 11-12T teeth.

Align Hooray, new west ESC compatible.


  • XXD 2218  Brushless motor X1
  • The motor locking screws X2


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