Walkera V450D03 2.4G 6-Axis Flybarless Helicopter FPV+DevoF7

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V450D03 Features

  • The separation design of Intergrated plastic main frame and skid landing makes it easy to disassemble and maintain.
  •  Flybarless structure: Adopting new flybarless system ,features fast response and great efficiency improvement. 
  •  Brushless motor :High-performance brushless motor provides more powerful and durable flight. 
  •  6 Axis control system: Adopting Generation II 6-Axis gyro control system integrates with receiver ,it can automatic correct flight attitude, and is easy to control for both basic flight and 3D flight, ensures stable and precise flight, decreases the difficulty of the operation and makes more fun.
  •  High speed digital servos:adopting 26g high speed digital servo as tail servo, features high torque and fast response, makes high speed flight and precise tail?lock.
  •  Belt driven system ensures easy adjustment, stable flight and low noise.
  •  Carbon Fiber Main Blade: The main blade adopts new compound carbon fiber materials, has better rigidity and toughness, suits for wind resistance on outer doors and 3D maneuvers
  •  Lipo battery :The 11.1V 2600mAh high-capacity lipo battery can provides about 8 minutes flight after fully charged.
  •  40A ESC: Independent WK-WST-40A-2, has better heat radiationeas and easy to maintain. 
  •  Control system RX2703H-D: Using UP02 and UP02 Adapter can update on line.
  •  Walkera RC helicopter V450D03 BNF(Nobat&charger)

V450D03 Specification 

  •  Main Rotor Dia. : 712mm
  •  Tail Rotor Dia. : 150mm
  •  Overall Length: 676mm
  •  Weight:816g(Battery included)
  •  Transmitter: DEVO F7
  •  Receiver: RX-2703H-D

Walkera V450D03 RC helicopter x 1
DEVO F7 Transmitter x 1
Tool Kit x 1
English Manual x 1

Our technican will TEST every helicopter before delivery.

Devo F7 FPV Specification:

  • Encoder: 7-channel micro computer system
  • Frequency: 2.4GHz DSSS
  • Output power: less than or equal to 100mW
  • Current drain: less than or equal to 230mA(100mW)
  • Transmitter power supply:5#Battery 8X 1.5V or NiMH 8X 1.2V 1600-2000mAh
  • Output pulse: 1000-2000Ms(1500 Neutral)
  • Image receiving:5.8G
  • Channel selection: 8 channel

Devo F7 FPV Features:

The DEVO F7 adopts 2.4 GHz Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum (DSSS) technology and features automatic ID binding and ID assignment. It can also be customizedly set as fixed ID code.
5.8G real time image transmittion.
USB online update makes you always enjoy the latest programme.
Adjustability of hi-frequency output power enjoys more personality and friendly environment.
Wireless data transmission between two DEVO-8 helps experience the training function.
Up to 12-model data can be saved.
DEVO-8 adjusting the gyro sensitivity makes hovering flight and fancy flight in an easy way.
Ultra big size TFT touch screen with graphic interface features direct and convenient setting.
Shape design accords with human engineering and provides comfortable holding.
Both the length and tension of the sticks can be adjustable.
DEVO-8 can be freely switched among Modes 1,2,and 3.
DEVO-8 is suitable for Helicopter, and Airairplane. In the Helicopter mode, there are four flight modes, each of which can be freely set and its parameters can be personalizedly adjusted to meet the requirement for F3C or 3D aerobatic flight.

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