Walkera MX400-Z-27 Telemetry Module - WK-CTL01-D

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This telemetry module is required for Devo compatible receivers which are not equipped with telemetry. Walkera Mini CP, Ladybird already comes with telemetry, therefore not required. Telemetry module can be installed on any brand of Helicopter/Airplane such as T-Rex 450 with Devo RX801, RX802 or RX1002 receiver to work with the Devo 6s, 8s, 10 and 12s transmitter .


  • Working voltage: 5-6V
  • Power: ≤100mw
  • Current: - Size: 43.5 x 28x9mm
  • 4 temperature sensor ports: testing range -20 to 220 ℃ or -4.0 to 428°F
  • 3 voltage testing ports: testing range: one port for internal working voltage 3.6V to 6V; two ports for external voltage 0.2V to 99.9V
  • 2 RPM testing ports (RPM sensor is NOT included)
  • 1 GPS port (GPS module is NOT included)
  • 1 spare port (for future use)
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