Walkera Master CP Electric RC Helicopter

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Walkera Master CP RC Helicopter

The walkera Master CP is a small size collective Pitch helicopter for outdoor and indoor flying, the Master CP is perfect if you have experience flying Co-Axial Helicopters and want to develop your skills further before purchasing a bigger rc helicopter. Not only this but if you wanted to get started with mild 3D flying this is the RC Helicopter for you.

The Master CP has been built with a number of components which makes it perfect for beginners; the rc helicopter is has great stability in all types of conditions thanks to the 6-Axis Gyro. The helicopter utilises elastic plastic parts like the Rotor Blades, Rotor Heads, Body Frame and the Landing Skids, allowing it to absorb some of damage during crash and less chance of breaking it.  The main blades are stiffer and more durable as they are reinforced with carbon fibre.

Master CP is a small bird which gives you the advantage of developing rc flying skills further before investing in an more expensive rc helicopter.


  • Main Rotor Diameter: 462mm
  • Tail Rotor Diameter: 113 mm
  • Overall Length: 440mm
  • All-up Weight: 420g 
  • Battery: 11.1V 1000mAh Li-Po (аккумулятор в комплект не входит)
  • Moril Motor: 380PF
  • Tail Motor: 1627PF
  • GYRO: 6-axis
  • Receiver: RX-2637H-D (не входит)
  • Servo: WK-7.6-6
  • Transmitter(standard):DEVO-7E (пульт в комплект не входит)

Package Includes:

1) Walkera Master CP Helicopter ARF x 1
2) English User manual x 1

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