Walkera 325MM Carbon Fiber Blades for V450, 60B & 450-Size Helicopters

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Walkera 325mm Premium Blades for Trex 450 & Walkera V450, 60B & 450-Size Helicopters


Carbon blades for the same price as wood blades! Why fly 450 with woodies? Fly first class with these balanced grade "A" carbon blades and not risk the danger of shattered wood debris shooting out from a crash! Carbon is safer & offers better performance.

Carbon fiber main rotor blades for Trex 450 and other 450 size helicopters. These are premium quality carbon blades with perfect finish and balance. They are not seconds or blemish carbon blades.

Material: Carbon Fiber grade A
Length: 325mm
Width: 32mm
Thickness at root of blade where blade grip is: 5.0mm
Thickness of blade: 4.0mm
Weight: 49g/set
Shape: Symmetrical wing
Shaft Hole Diameter: 3mm

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