RCD3063 Mirror optics speedometer

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Product description
Magic Mirror Helicopter Optical Tachometer RCD3063
A must have tool for any helicopter or multi rotor pilot. Great tool for the heli head speed setup and checks. Will measure small rotating object RPM as small as 5mm diameter (or smaller as long as you can see it).
LCD synchro technology, is not limited by the distance from the measured object
■ RPM Measurement Range: 800~4200RPM
■ 4-digit LCD screen display
■ Accuracy: +/- 1 RPM
■ 10 Level aperture adjustment
■ Ultra-wide viewing angle
■ High-speed electronic shutter
■ Measurement remotely and non-contact
■ Simultaneous measurement of five sets of RPM
■ Updated optical sensor - no longer needs LED light for varying lighting conditions
■ It can measure RPM for tiny objects.
■ Shut off automatically after no operation for 30 seconds.
■ Power supply: CR2032 / LIR2032 button battery (included)
■ Operating Battery Drain: 3mA, Idle Drain: 10uA
■ Low Battery alarm
■ Weight: 40g
■ RPM main rotor measurement for all models helicopters
■ Calibrate timing belt
■ The speed measurement of vehicle wheels
■ Dynamic balancing calibration for fly wheels
■ Vibration frequency measurements

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