Katana-2000 RC Airplane Model

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Katana-2000 RC Airplane Model
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Trade Info
  • Packing: Package With Color Box
  • Production Capacity: 500sets/Month
  • Shape: Airplane/Helicopter
  • Material: Plastic

Basic Info
  • Shape:Airplane/Helicopter
  • Material:Plastic
  • Type:R/C
  • Export Markets:Global

Additional Info.
  • Packing:Package With Color Box
  • Origin:China
  • Production Capacity:500sets/Month

Product Desciption
  • Vkatana airplane model 


  • Wing span: 2000MM 
  • Wing area: 89.00 sq. Dm 
  • Fuselage length: 1794MM 
  • Weight: 6500g (FLYING WEIGHT) 
  • Power: 45-53CC gasoline engine 
  • Servo: 6 set standard servos 
  • Propeller: 22X8 


  • All the wing and fuselage is using balsa with plywood. 
  • All the wing and fuselage is using covering film. 
  • Cowling and U/C is FGK with painting. 
  • High quality hardware. 
  • All the construction by laser cutting. 

  • 1. Light weight construction 
  • 2. High structual strength 
  • 3. Two pieces of removable wings and stabs 
  • 4. Super quality 
  • 5. Excellent aerobatics and 3D performance 
  • 6. Easy installation 
  • 7. Fully symmetrical aerofoil tail wing 
  • 8. Complete accessories 
  • 9. Standard USA ARF airplane accessories. Including Ball linkate control system, C. F. Tube and so on. 
  • 10. Pre installed cowling ring with blind nuts mounted. No exterior screws exposed. 
  • 11. Pre mounted and painted Canopy. 
  • 12. Professional designed for 3D and precision aerobatics. 
  • 13. Muffler installation position pre-opened 
  • 14. Engine center line pre-marked by laser on the firewall 
  • 15. Landing gear part in fuselage is enhenced with aluminum triangle

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