Hubsan Сетевой адаптер + Balance Charger for 2 cell Li-Po battery

Артикул: FFF60414
Hubsan Сетевой адаптер + Balance Charger for 2 cell Li-Po battery
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  • Input voltage:  DC  10V~15V
  • Output voltage: DC  7.4V(to 2  cell Li-Po battery)

Indicator state:

  • Green: Charge complete & no battery
  • Red: Charging
  • Flash: Drip current charging
  • The batteries are inspected separately. When the voltage reaches 4.20V, the charging process stops.


  • Do not insert anything conductive into the cooling hole when power is on, or damage will be caused to the charger.
  • While charging is in process, please do not make it near flammable materials.
  • It is not allowed to charge two-cell and three-cell Li poly battery at the same time.
  • Expect Li poly battery, this charger is not allowed for other kinds of battery.
  • While charging, please keep it out of the reach of Children.
  • When this charger is in use, please do not go away and leave it unwatched, if any abnormality occurs (such as the power indicator is off, the temperature of the battery rise rapidly, etc.) stop charging immediately.
  • Please do not use power with output voltage higher than 15V.
  • Please do not disassemble the charger or its accessories.
  • When the battery is not cool down, please do not urge to charge it.
  • Широкий диапазон входного напряжения: 100-240VAC±10%, частота: 50/60HZ.
  • Низкая стоимость, высокая надежность.
  • Встроенная защита от короткого замыкания, перенапряжения и перегрева.
  • Время запуска≤3сек, Пусковой ток≤30A/240V.
  • Рабочая среда: 0℃-40℃5%-90%RH
  • Температура хранения: 20℃-85℃5%-95%RH
  • Стандарты безопасности: IEC/EN60950 IEC/EN60065
  • Тип входного блока: IEC-C6、IEC-8、IEC-14


  • Соответствует EMI: GB9245B EN55022B
  • Утечка: 0,25 мА Макс @ 240VA / 50Гц
  • Высокое напряжение: 3 кВ / 60S <5 мА
  • Сопротивление изоляции: DC500V hour, Live part>10Mz,to shell >10Mz.
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