HOBBYWING Skywalker Quattro 25A x 4 Brushless Speed Controller

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This is the world`s first 4in1 25A high performance brushless ESC--Skywalker Quattro 25Ax4-UBEC, this ESC is suitable for multirotor aircraft, and four-motor airplane or four-propeller ship model. Integrated design can not only offer better consistency, but also simplify wiring complexity, so as to improve work reliability. MultiRotor Flyer has been very popular as a new generation of RC model aircraft, which is simple structure, light weight and easy to fly. However, as there are four motors in the four corners, normally there are four ESCs to control each motor, which is complicated to assembly and set up.

The SkyWalker-Quattro-25A ESC combines four 25A ESCs together, useable with 2~4 LiPo cell packs, it also has a 5V/3A BEC inside. Four motors now can directly connected to the ESC, no more complicated wiring stuff or set up procedures.

The SkyWalker-Quattro-25A ESC combines four high performance 25A ESC and 5V/3A UBEC, wherein the ESC is based on standard PWM control signal. This SQ25A4U has absolutely strong compatibility, which can work with most FC and radio set. Each ESC can separately perform throttle trip correction and other work parameter setting. 


  • 4 speed controllers in 1 board, only 1 pair of battery wire is required.
  • Powerful switch model built-in BEC (the BEC voltage outputs from the S3 connector)
  • Multiple protection features: Low voltage cut-off protection/ over-head protection/ throttle signal loss protection.
  • The throttle range of each ESC can be calibrated to be suitable for different multi-rotor flying control systems/transmitters.
  • Maximum speed: 210000 RPM (2 poles motor), 70000 RPM (6 poles motor),35000 RPM (12 poles motor).


  • Cont. current: 25A x 4
  • Burst current: 30A x 4 (>10s)
  • BEC mode: Switch mode
  • BEC output: 5V/3A
  • Battery cell: 2S-4S (7.4V-14.8V)
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