Esky EK5-0206 Main Shaft ( 001100 )

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Esky EK5-0206  Main Shaft ( 001100 )
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Product Description :

Name:EK5-0206 Metal Center Hub and Shaft Set

For:Esky Lama V3 EK1H-E012(000067), Lama V4 EK1H-E033(000009) / EK1H-E034, Robins 22 EK1H-E011 / EK1H-E031, Co-Comanche EK1H-E035(000068), Dauphin EK1H-E037(000069) and other compatible Co-axial helicopters


100%Brand New

Product Highlights:

  • Made by CNC Aluminum, Coated with Titanium

  • High Quality, Excellent and Precise Finishing, Cool Looking

  • Very Durable, Unbreakable Metal

  • Extended the Length of the Shaft for 19.5mm, NO Blade Strike

  • Allow the Helicopter to Move More Sharp and Faster

  • Good for Outdoor Fly

  • Made by Strong Iron Coated with Aluminum

  • High Quality, Excellent Finshing

  • Prefect Fit into ESky Co-axial Helicopters

  • Adjustable Collar Fits Perfectly inside the Bearing Set of Shaft Set B,  Make The Rotations Frictionless

Package Included:

  • 1 X EK5 0206 central hub( 001100 )

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