Dynam DY8958 F6F Hellcat (PNP, w/o Tx, Rx, battery and Charger)

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The Dynam F6F Hellcat sport-scale model captures the WWII fighter's intimidating looks in a high-quality foam design and once the retractable landing gear is tucked away you can quickly turn your low-wing skills loose with a fighting legend. Equipped with a 40 amp brushless electronic speed controller coupled to a 500kv high torque motor. This RC Airplane looks super realistic either in the air or taxiing on the ground and is sure to make a great addition to your stable of warbirds. This aircraft includes electronic retracts. 

The F6F was best known for its role as a rugged, well designed carrier fighter which was able, after its combat debut in early 1943, to counter the Mitsubishi A6M and help secure air superiority over the Pacific Theater. Such was the quality of the basic simple, straightforward design, that the Hellcat was the least modified fighter of the war, with a total of 12,200 being built in just over two years. Hellcats were credited with destroying 5,223 aircraft while in service with the U.S. Navy, U.S. Marine Corps and the Royal Navy's Fleet Air Arm. This was more than any other Allied naval aircraft.


Channel 5 Channels
Brand Dynam
Material EPO
Wingspan 1270mm(50in)
Wing Load 53g/dm2
Motor BM3720A-KV500 Brushless Outrunner
ESC 40A Brushless
Servo 9gX4pcs
Flying Weight 1600g(56.5oz)
Overall Length 1054mm(41in)
Weight 4,000.00g

Package Include:

  • 1x Dynam F6F Hellcat PNP RC Airplane
  • 1x 40A ESC
  • 4x Servos (9g)
  • 1x Brushless Motor(BM3720A-KV500)
  • 1x English User Manual 


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