Detrum 18A для квадрокоптреа

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Programmable Items:

1.      Brake Setting: Enabled / Disabled, default is Disabled
2.      Battery Type: Li-xx(Li-ion or Li-poly) / Ni-xx(NiMH or NiCd), default is Li-xx.
3.      Low Voltage Protection Mode(Cut-Off Mode): Soft Cut-Off(Gradually reduce the output power) or Cut-Off (Immediately stop the output power). Default is Soft Cut-Off.
4.      Low Voltage Protection Threshold(Cut-Off Threshold):  Low / Medium / High,default is Medium.
       When NOT using balance discharge monitoring and protection function ( i.e Not plugging the balance charge connector into the BDMP socket on the Guard series ESC, the ESC only monitors the voltage of the whole battery pack)
1)       For lithium batteries, the number of battery cells is calculated automatically. Low / medium / high cutoff voltage for each cell is: 2.6V/2.85V/3.1V. For example: For a 3 cells lithium pack, when “Medium” cutoff threshold is set, the cut-off voltage will be: 2.85*3=8.55V.
2)       For nickel batteries, low / medium / high cutoff voltages are 0%/45%/60% of the startup voltage (i.e. the initial voltage of battery pack), and 0% means the low voltage cut-off function is disabled. For example: For a 10 cells NiMH battery, fully charged voltage is 1.44*10=14.4V,when “Medium” cut-off threshold is set, the cut-off voltage will be:14.4*45%=6.5V.
       When using balance discharge monitoring and protection function(i.e. Plugging the balance charge connector on battery pack into the BDMP socket on the Guard series ESC, the ESC monoitors not only the voltage of the whole battery pack but also the voltage of each cell). For lithium battery, low / medium / high cut off voltage for each cell is: 2.6V/2.85V/3.1V. When the voltage of any cell in battery pack is lower than the cut-off threshold, the protection function activated.
5.      Startup Mode: Normal / Soft /Super-Soft, default is Normal.
Normal is preferred for fixed-wing aircraft. Soft or Super-soft are preferred for helicopters. The initial acceleration of the Soft and Super-Soft modes are slower in comparison, usually taking 1 second for Soft startup or 2 seconds for Super-Soft startup from initial throttle advance to full throttle. If the throttle is closed(throttle stick moved to bottom) and opened again (throttle stick moved to top) within 3 seconds of the initial startup, the restart-up will be temporaily changed to normal mode to get rid of the chances of a crash caused by slow throttle response. This special design is very suitable for aerobatic flight when quick throttle response is needed.
6.      Timing: Low / Medium / High,default is Low.Note2
Usually, low timing value can be used for most motors. We recommend the Low timing value for 2 poles motor and Medium timing value for motors with more than 6 poles to ger a high efficiency. For higher speed, High timing value can be chosen.
Note2: After changing the timing setting, please test your RC model on ground prior to flight!


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