32 self-balancing two-wheeled self balancing stepper motor car trolley car Bluetooth remote control inverted pendulum balance



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Tip Note: Appear on the market integration , the entire chip soldered onto a board , not the second development , the use of second-hand motor car made ​​toys balance before shopping must be compared , is not modular design , shape how , if you spend a few hundred $ bought a small toy car balance , it is very worth it ,Huijing remind studentsBuyers must purchase carts, modular design of the car , the module can be removed for secondary development of the car , you can upgrade the car.

Huijing electronic self-balancing trolley 32 under heavy cost, good car !With thick stainless steel plate , designed with a strong drop resistance capacity, nice.Install good delivery , to ensure that each shipment quality.Very suitable for beginners to learn and secondary development. Our intention is only to the user experience , and carefully check every detail, to create high -quality products! Great value!
Reminder:The default set of car without downloading , such as the need to download the emulator friend, please click the following link and trolley Add to Cart photographed together:item. / item.htm? spm = a1z10.5.w4002-1930577668.21.9oxNn \u0026 id = 42127497070

The product details Features:

Adoption32F1036As a control core , stable performance.
PU6050 gyroscope to adjust the balance .
Use LV8731 driving circuit chip , super .
Bluetooth remote control to move around the front and rear .
42- stepper motor has a strong stability , easy to manipulate .

Bluetooth remote control car two self-balancing , a limited number ; finishing a full set of data , there is a need photographed, these will not be sold late reproduction , and assembly debugging process is very cumbersome , no profit .

Full set of data including the P principleFigure , motion control source code, source code solver attitude , Bluetooth remote control APK installation package.

[ Shopping remind]Shop all balanced car is installed when shipped and written procedures , directly mounted battery powered amp can be tested on the ground , to ensure a balance stand shows OK! To strengthen the capabilities needed to debug their own !
To test a good product , no problem after customer sent to confirm receipt praise ;
Once the data is sent , the product will not only return the warranty ;Peer prevent theft of information , not the recipients do not the next single! !

Additional text more than 20 words praise friends threw 32F1036The main control board full set of data
-------------------------------------------------- --------------------
Buy this product what configuration Accessories :

Fully installed, tested well balanced car --- 1 station
Bluetooth module ---- 1
Send promotional 18650 --- 3 ( rechargeable )
12V- automatic stop charger --- 1

-------------------------------------------------- --------------------
Enough to buy this product can get what kind of digital goods - Tutorial - Software - Source code - Additional information
1, the operation video tutorials ( not yet available)
2 , a full microcontroller C language source code
3 , a full smart car development software , programming software program
3. Device Handbook car each module / parts
The above information after receiving 5 star praise --- Customer Internet to send an encrypted download .
( The car has no video tutorial, do not offer technical support secondary development )
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What this product can do ? --- --- You can do the standard test
1 , the car self-balancing test
2 , the Bluetooth control the car forward , left turn , back comprehensive experiment

-------------------------------------------------- ------------
The following experiment is optional accessories increase the
1. To raise FI module, video FI car, with FI control the car , this experiment debugging announcement will be made after the launch here .
2 , increasing the ultrasonic steering kit to achieve ultrasonic obstacle avoidance walking , hardware shop for sale (Note : The program requires self-development )

-------------------------------------------------- -------------
Main purpose :
The car can achieve two self-balancingForward, turn around , back function , available Bluetooth controlTo help beginners understand the balance of the car circuit structure , balance and motor learning gyroscope driven algorithm .
The following is a true evaluation Huijing Huijing customers buy electronic products, electronic post :

Why buy Huijing Electronics , consider the following user feedback thank you note , copy it to open IE to watch :? Yun.baidu/share/k shareid = 3285052286 \u0026 uk = 470708944

Balanced Smart car information --- 1 -After downloading praise(Including : schematics, procedures , software , a variety of materials, etc. )

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Service and warranty Warranty Conditions
(This product warranty only , non-refundable. Warranty is limited to the on-board development board motherboard and car chassis circuit function , the car does not warranty, free deliveryThe accessories are not warranty) resulted in the appearance of the man-made scratches affect the secondary sales , programming encryption chip , pick the wrong line burn module , tamper circuit and notCan resist damage factors, the following regulations responsible for maintenance , not the package returned . )
Regulation I:In accordance with the delivery date within 7 days of receipt time found quality problems, you can warranty or replacement , freight we package (on -line and customer instructionsAnd good reason to shoot clear photos on the spot to confirm whether man-made damage , artificial damage not warranty , will not be returned )
Regulation II:We are responsible for 7 days 15 days free warranty , freight buyers and sellers each responsible (only product quality problems , man-made damageBuyers bear the return shipping costs and pay the maintenance device )
Regulation III:15 days free of charge repair manual one year , unable to repair the goods back to the original process ( return shipping Buyer responsible for their own , as appropriate repairThe replacement parts cost fee charged ) .
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Eight: Why shouldSelect Huijing ElectronicsProduct
Why Huijing electronic smart car sales and more high praise ; because Huijing ElectronicsTo provide full service , the novice in watching our video tutorial encounters do not understand , you can always online advice, we help customers solve the whole problem of use, until the customer understand the operation so far.

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