3-Axis Handheld Brushless Gimbal Self-Stabilization FPV Camera Mount Complete Set for Gopro Hero 2 3

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14 300 руб.

- Special designed for Gopro 2 and 3.not compatible with other camera.
- When you receive the gimbal,pls install gopro camera first and make sure it is balanced,and then install battery and power on,or the gravity will be change,and result vibration,and we do not responsible for this

This is for GOPRO HERO 2 3 Camera,not fit for other brand or model!
When receive this products,please do not power on.Please install the GOPRO HERO3 with battery and fix on the PTZ,Then power on,or it will make change for the PTZ centre of gravity place,And will be happened Disorderly shaking problem.
Suggest 12V power power supply For PTZ

Package include:
- Handheld gimbal for gopro x 1
- Brushless motor x 3
- Gimbal controller x1
- 9v battery holder x1
(Suggest to buy rechargeable 9v alkaline battery)

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