2.4G Mini 2W Power Amplifier Module for Phantom 2.4G Radio Transmit

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2 790 руб.

-Built-in high-speed transceiver automatic discriminated circuit switching.
-It can automatically switch to send and receive state which will not cause damage 2.4 G remote control.
-It can be applied to 2.4 G remote control model, such as 2.4 G wifi router spectrum launch receiving equipment.

Receiver Gain:  10dB
Transmitter Gain:  11dB
Accept noise factor:  ≤3.0dB
Input power range:  4dBm-20dBm
Max peak power:  33dBm; 2W
Input voltage:  3.7-5.5V
Dimension:  36mm* 26mm* 4.8mm
Standard antenna gain:  6DBI
A set of accessories:  AMP MB, 6DBI antenna, adapter
Color:  White / Black
Total:  39g

Package Include:
1* mini 2.4G 2W power amplifier module
1* antenna
1* connector

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